Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Right on cue

We've had an amber warning here for storm Ali, 8am - 6pm today,  Just before 8, the wind got up quickly and lashing rain followed - that's it set for the day.  A bit further west, the ferries are being cancelled.
I don't have to go out anywhere today, so it'll be a day in the house.  I went into town last night, hitching a lift with a friend who was going in, and picked up a few bits of shopping.  It was nice to get some very reduced things, I'm not usually around at that time of night; pleased with my 12p wholemeal bread - my preferred toast :)
I can hear the bin lorry out in the street - certainly don't envy them today.  no doubt the empties will be rolling up and down the road later in the wind...…

I got the wool out of the nettle dye pot, it's drying in the polytunnel; quite a nice yellowy shade at the moment.  The rest of the dye bath, after the nettles were removed is a deep green, so I've put another skein in that to see what happens.  The great thing about dyeing your own is that if you don't like the resulting colour, most can be over-dyed.

Picked up a book from the charity shelf in the supermarket; looking forward to starting it.  Today may be a good day to do so...…..

Monday, 17 September 2018


- the weather that is.  Expecting the tail end of storm Helene here.  This morning wasn't too bad, got steadily worse over the afternoon. We were warm and cosy enough at the craft group though;  I got the second side of the star waistcoat knitted, the armbands done and the ends of the stars woven in - just the front bands and making up left to do now.

I also got the next skein of  Galway wool dyed in a nettle bath, it's drying now.

I've been reading up about thrummed mittens - not something I've tried before, but am keen to have a go soon.  I've plenty of roving to choose from.  I've watched bits of Youtubes on it, and have found a pattern on Ravelry.  A hat would be good too.  I need to find out about the history of the technique .

Community Council meeting tonight, but I took the executive decision not to go because of the weather; it's in another village a wee way away, but on twisty country roads with lots of trees.  We had an amber weather warning here, so I stayed put. 

Heart goes out to those in the Philippines, China, Hong Kong and the U.S.A. affected by storms, truly awful, those poor people.

It's blowin' a hoolie oot there, so I'm off to do more research in the warm :)


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Spotting a revolutionary......

… isn't always easy, and it's surprising where you find them!  I met one yesterday at the reduced shelf in Tesco lol  I've always enjoyed talking to strangers, they're usually interesting.  He and I covered a lot of ground in about two minutes before going our separate ways, nice to know I'm not alone.

After he'd gone I managed to get most of my shopping off the reduced shelves, including a large piece of Orkney cheddar at half price, so I was pleased about that too, all came to under £20.  I knew that before I got to the till though - yesterday morning I discovered that my phone has a calculator on it, so I was able to tot the shopping up as I went around - once I got to grips with how it worked.  I've only had the phone for 7 years.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Halfway through Thursday

Village coffee morning today, which was enjoyable as usual. 

Weather is quite changeable, with a few wee showers so far, quite chilly.

The wheat has sprouted, but something has burrowed into the bed it's in, I suspect a rat.  Will see how it goes.

The buddleia dyed wool is a lovely clotted cream colour (on the left in the pic)

The rest of the patchwork pieces have dried and been sorted and folded, ready for cutting

I've done some puzzles, caught up on my Scrabble turns and done some more dyeing research.

There's a new page added up there for photos of my dyeing ^^^^^

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Free drying - the washed scraps for patchwork, given by a friend - were spread out in the greenhouse to dry;  too small and too many to peg out, so this worked well.  Most were dry today, so were smoothed and folded neatly into a bag.  The rest will be ready tomorrow, then I need to decide what I going to do with them.

Free lunch - yes there is such a thing, ofcourse!  Bardsey Island apple and brambles from the garden, Darling Blue cheese was a birthday present from a friend.

My wool has come out of the free dye bath - the dead buddleia flowers one; it's a lovely pale yellow.

Free chocolate brownies with my morning coffee.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


'When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world'

John Muir

Right on cue

We've had an amber warning here for storm Ali, 8am - 6pm today,  Just before 8, the wind got up quickly and lashing rain followed - that...