A warm welcome to womanarchy, my latest foray into the world of blogging, and my own wee corner of the interwebs.
The blog will be a distillation and continuation of the blogs that have preceded it;  there have been huge changes in my life in recent years in all areas, but the self-reliant kernel has remained, and the older I get the brighter the flame burns and the more urgent the need for me to depend on me, and me alone, as much as I possibly can.

I've always been passionate about politics since I studied the subject at college; this long journey has finally found me winding up as an anarchist.

Anarchy - absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Anarchy for me is on a personal level - do as much as you can for yourself, with what you have and where you are; from growing a pot of parsley and knitting your own dishcloths to getting debt free and getting free of the system.  You can do it.

I have disengaged myself from parliamentary and party politics, and am constantly re-assessing my attitudes and reactions to many things.

I want to live my life on my own terms now, and I'm ready now to get back to sharing my knowledge and experience - and the occasional knitting pattern lol - with those who are interested.

I live in a small village in south west Scotland; I have my own house, currently under major reorganisation, a large garden and a big shed I can't get into because it's full of Useful Things.  Current livestock consists of five ducks, but additions are imminent.

I'll share my day to day life, recipes, brewing, crafts, foraging, funny things, insightful things and photos - lots of photos; a slow life of gardening, making, cooking, reading, thinking, bits of permaculture, nature, music and, ofcourse, tea and cake.

Enjoy the blog.

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