Yellows port of Kelvedon wonder pea appeared; have potted it up separately to grow it on and see what happens.


Tea plants, currently in the community greenhouse


The first of the salad leaves are up:

Homegrown lunch - plot to plate in 25 minutes, eaten in the February sunshine; freshly dug Arran Victory tatties and butter steamed rainbow chard

An important article on the effects of the culture of western permaculture:


First potatoes chitting for the year - these are Shetland Blacks

Pleased with my first crop of redcurrants - this is from my new forest garden pot - rowan tree underplanted with redcurrant and wild garlic.  I want to add wild strawberries for the groundcover layer


Tomatillos are starting to swell in their fascinating wee husks

Lots of chillies promised

Two new tomatoes for me this year - Red Pear and Jersey Devil

Flowers on the Hestia runner beans

My mixed bed in the corner of the community polytunnel is turning out to be as productive as it is pretty :)

- and this is part of my planting behind the polytunnel

After a brief dalliance into greenhouse alpine growing, I have decided to revert to my plan of a greenhouse forest garden, inspired by this book:

The greenhouse is now completely empty, having moved the ducks out this morning back into their outdoor run following the avian flu measures I had to take.  There will be a couple of weeks for the poor greenhouse to dry out and recover, by which time I'll have a plan of what I want to do in there.  I want to avoid the traditional side beds and central path.  Planning is half the fun for me.

I am about to re-jig the polytunnel too; I have bought raised beds for in there to make life a bit easier for myself; one will be an asparagus bed, and I've ordered some one year old plants today.  I also found a Worcesterberry* bush, so that should come soon too.

* like a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant

Having a go at growing water chestnuts

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