Thursday, 11 January 2018

Blanket coverage

Like books, you can never have too many blankets; they're useful inside and outside, on chairs, sofas beds, the ground, everywhere. When not in use, they look great just folded into a pile.  Blankets for cats and dogs too :)  Everyone loves a blanket, especially a homemade one.
I've made dozens over the years, all shapes, sizes and colours; some I've kept, some I've given as presents, some for various charities; it's something I love making, both knitted and crocheted.

At the moment, I have two crochet blankets on the go and another in the offing.

The Woodland ripple is underway (see previous post), and I've started a granny hexagon one. This is using a colourpack from Deramores - the Black Forest Gateau pack, designed by The Patchwork Heart. It looks like this:

I think the multi-coloured granny squares look a bit 'bitty', so, to show off the colours to their best advantage - in my view - I've opted to make granny hexagons in single colours; not sure how I'll be joining them yet, will ponder that as I go along.  The hexagons look like this:

I recently made myself learn the Magic Loop, and am finding it easy and successful.  It's a good project to pick up and put down, carry around in a bag.

The third blanket is a CAL I came across on Facebook, a circular blanket of the solar system.  I'm waiting for the main colours to arrive, and I'm sure I'll have the other colours needed when I get to the planets.

I also have a hankering for a good old fashioned knitted square blanket too, nothing fancy, just nice and traditional.

Here's some previous blanketage :)


  1. I'm a fan of the magic loop when crocheting myself, but not when rescuing things; I suspect they sometimes don't stand the test of time so well. Maybe they weren't pulled tight enough, but I've rescued a number of granny-square items where the central rings have simply come undone. It's a bit of a challenge, trying to restore them, where there's enough of the original yarn left to work backwards! Otherwise I have to make new rings & try to "plumb" them in with a needle. Keeps me quiet for hours on end!

    Looking forward to seeing your solar system blanket...

  2. Thanks - will bear that in mind.


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