Monday, 31 July 2017

Lughnasadh blessing

May your corn ripe well
And your fruits grow sweet,
Love and abundance at your feet;
May your harvest feed you
And never doubt,
It will feed you both within and out.
May your heart be still
And your soul at rest
Know that you are truly blest.

Blessings on this special day.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

On the needles.............

Making good progress on the first kep:

Have also started a small blanket in a shell pattern I wanted to try out; colours bought as a pack from Deramores.  I'm enjoying the pattern - big shells and DK make for a quick project, but the acrylic  isn't wonderful, after working with real wool; have got the hang of the pattern now though, so can keep and adapt.

I'm still working on and refining my business plans, think I'm settling for something at last - got to be right though.

Still harvesting lots from the tunnel and the greenhouse; the sweet peas continue to be generous and I've lifted the first new tatties :)

Enjoyed an impromptu visit to the shore, had a very welcome breath of sea air and a '99'; very few folk about.

Placed a small AF order - they had fluoride-free toothpaste at a good price, and I got a couple of tins of prepared lemons for marmalade; also stocked up on a few tins for the storeroom - prices are rising noticeably, I won't be caught out.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

It's all happening.............

............  in the greenhouse!  Flowers on my 50p aubergine plants, cherry tomatoes ripe, and the first of the fiorentino costelutos is well on its way; I have gherkins, cucamelons, peppers and tomatillos too.  Pleased with it all so far.

Picked the last of the broad beans and purple podded peas and cleared the raised bed, left in the celery and sweetcorn. Gave it some manure, planted chard, Red Romaine lettuce, Turk's Turban squashes and the after-thought tomatoes - still plenty of time for them to produce. Also sowed nasturtiums and radishes, planted parsley, gave it all a really good soaking. Inadvertently pulled up the radish I was saving for seed, got great seed pods on it too..............

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Day out

Sometimes you just need an unplanned day out - just get up and go; so we did :)
Beautiful weather, lots of birds, sheep, woods, moorland, hills, big skies - why I live where I do.  An unexpected lunch of lobster was wonderful too. 

Does a body good.................

Summer days

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Woolly update

Hot off the needles this morning is a pair of fingerless mitts; it's a pattern test I'm doing for a designer, but I get to keep them for my efforts, I quite like the colours. It's an olive green wool, but shows up more grey in the photo.

Next to cast on is one of two keps I have an order for; looking forward to doing these, all in Jamieson & Smith natural undyed wools, Fair Isle, and in the round. 
The first sleeve of the crochet cardigan is done, so I hope to complete that this week; coloured cotton has been ordered for the 'Lost in Time' shawl I want to do next.
So much wool, so little time..............

Monday, 10 July 2017

Monday, 3 July 2017

Domestic terrorism

"Homeschooling your children is an act of aggression against the state. Growing your own food is a display of defiance against your rulers. Arming and protecting your own home is an affront to the authority of the government. Raising your children peacefully is a threat to those who believe we must first do violence against others to ultimately do good.
You are a domestic terrorist. You are undermining the legitimacy of the state by proving you can thrive without leaders. Whether you believe it or not, you are an anarchist, an extremist, a threat to the collective belief that we need government to survive. You, my friends, are enemies of the state."

Free your kids (post on Facebook 2012)

(image: rlv.zcache)


Yesterday's harvest - broad beans, mange tout peas, spring onions, radishes, Red Romaine lettuces; the surplus went out on the stall to sell

More blooms opening on the salmon flowered peas

Cleaned the duck house; one egg, so hopefully they'll settle back into laying soon.

Weather is cooler here now; hope to get outside and do some potting up and maybe make a start on the greenhouse - grape vines and fig have arrived in readiness.  I love the optimism of new plans.  The polytunnel is getting an overhaul too.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Seed saving

I'm getting back into the seed saving habit.  My salmon flowered pea has started to flower, a really bonny wee thing.  It's a 17th/18th century variety, unusual in its umbellifer habit, with all the flowers at the top of the stems.  I started out with 6 seeds, 5 of which germinated.

I found new supplier of unusual tomato seeds on e-bay, so have ordered various ones today; they will be grown next year and the seed saved from them for future use/sharing/selling. It's vitally important that old varieties are kept going - I'm determined to do my bit.

Also flowering today is a very pretty pink cornflower, cut leaf geranium and ground elder.  So much beauty in the world.

Been a while.................

Been having a bit of a love/hate relationship with blogging lately, so no posts in ages ........... I'm still here, been outside mostl...