Saturday, 14 April 2018

Material things

My quilting magazine arrived in the post - found this issue more inspiring than the last few :)  The free gift was a booklet of quilter's graph paper, which will come in useful:

I'm very tempted to make the Hen Party quilt - chicken themes always appeal:

This was another one I loved, although I would have preferred it without the sheep:

- by Kate Dowty

My pack for making a Patchwork of the Crosses - a Lucy Boston design has also arrived:

Time to get the needles threaded.....................

Poking the bear

I'm unable at the moment to put into words my feelings on waking up to the news that May, Trump and Macron have carried out air strikes in Syria. Catastrophic.

I'm going out to work in my garden.

Friday, 13 April 2018

My Five on Friday

This Friday, my favourite five herbs.  Not an exhaustive list, but five that I love, grow and use; I found it difficult to keep to just five.......

1. Tarragon - French tarragon, for cooking.  I use it with fish, chicken, eggs, salads. Makes a lovely vinegar.  I always use it fresh, buy a plant in every year.  Lovely subtle taste.

2. Sweet woodruff- always been one of my favourite for scent.  A beautiful plant to have in the garden, its wee white starry flowers light up a corner, it spreads easily but not too aggressively, easy to propagate by division, but difficult from seed. Dried, it has the scent of new mown hay, makes lovely sweet bags for clothes drawers and airing cupboards.  It's also used fresh in punch drinks eg the German Maibowle.

3. Oregano - essential in my kitchen, one of the few that I used dried as well as fresh; vital ingredient in Italian food, which I love.  Easy to grow, I like the plain strongly flavoured variety.

4. Thyme- another essential, I use it with all sorts of things.  Bit trickier to grow if conditions not perfect, but worth the effort.  The other herb I will use the dried form of.  Again, the plain original thyme for me, but I managed to germinate some wild thyme last year, so will see how that compares.  Great for bees.

5.Basil - I can't get enough of fresh basil; home made pesto was a revelation to me. The Genovese basil is the one for me, big sassy flavour, I spend a lot of time with my nose buried in the plants.  Easy from seed, grows well on a kitchen windowsill, essential for pizza.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


...........ancestors that is  :)

Fortunate to find photos on a genealogy site of my ggg grandfather James, my gg grandfather Joseph and my g grandfather James, all of  my mother's  Sykes side:

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Quiet day

Weather has been murky, very damp, cold and foggy so I didn't do anything outside.
Sowed some sprout seeds and put the peas out to harden off.
Did some competitions, started my needlepoint - the cotton is lovely to sew with.

Other than that, just reading and Scrabble, trying to avoid the news...............

The Robin Hood of the banks

Very interesting article, will be doing more reading on him and his work.